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Ink Moon

Tooth Fairy Kits

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Ink Moon proudly presents

“The Tooth Fairy Kit”

Introduce your child to the magical world of Fairies and Crystals through this gorgeous kit!
This kit is designed to help take away the hassle of being the Tooth Fairy, giving your child a beautiful letter with short story and gift from the Tooth Fairy herself each time they lose their tooth.
Each Kit contains-
✨ 10 x Letter scrolls, each with a short story including a magical adventure that the Tooth Fairy goes on that corresponds to a particular gift in the set
✨ 10 x pre-wrapped gifts with fairy dust inside and crystal card explaining the magic of the crystal
✨ a burlap drawstring bag for your child to keep their gifts in, or it can be used to place their tooth in or give their gift in- so many uses
✨ An instruction kit of how to use your set
All the hard work is done for you so you never have to try to find a gift/coins in the middle of the night, or write letters when you are half asleep.
The kit has enough for 10 teeth. You can always combine the gifts/letters with a coin if you choose.
Gifts your child may receive are- crystal worry stones, crystal mini spheres, crystal mini hearts, crystal small moon, glow in the dark cube, crystal wishing bottle, necklace with unisex crystal pendant, and a dream catcher or Angel caller.
These are subject to availability and certain crystals are not guaranteed.
Item Size varies between 1-15cm.
Stories explain how the Tooth Fairy collects baby teeth to make fairy dust, and how she uses the fairy dust to help other magical creatures. Each gift is left as a Thankyou to your child for donating their tooth to help. Magical creatures include mermaids, dragons, star seed children (alien inspired), and so much more, catering to both boys and girls.

*Please note that items are small in nature and can pose a choking hazard. Photos are an example of what you will receive and are subject to availability.

View our video on our facebook page to see what's inside the kit and how it works.