All About Pendulums, and How to use Them!

Pendulums are a great tool to help give you clarity by channelling your higher self, intuition and your spirit guides into guiding you on the best path to take. 

When suspended in the air, you can ask it questions, and depending on the swing of the pendulum (side to side, front to back, circular) it can provide answers. 

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To set up and use your pendulum, start by cleansing your pendulum. Here at Ink Moon, all crystals are sound cleansed in our crystal singing bowl before coming to you, but you may want to cleanse it anyway if you choose. 

You then start by clearing your mind, relaxing and focussing. Sometimes meditation can help if you are having trouble. 

Make sure you are sitting upright, straight and balanced. Hold the pendulum by the fob, or anywhere you feel comfortable on the chain, as long as there is 5 cm between your finger and the pendulums stone weight. 

Hold your pendulum in the air, while steadying your arm/elbow on a table or similar. Let the pendulum hang free and try to hold very still, but don't worry if your hand shakes a tiny bit. 

On your first try, you need to program your pendulums signals. This does not need to be repeated once done. You need to establish your pendulums signals for yes, no and maybe/neutral(I don't know, I don't want to say). You can either let the pendulum choose its own signals, or choose yourself. 

To let the pendulum choose, ask your pendulum to show you eg: "What does a no look like?", " What does a yes look like?". Wait and let your pendulum show you the direction it chooses. 

To choose your pendulums signals yourself, demonstrate the signals to your pendulum by telling your pendulum eg:"When I ask a question and the answer is yes, move like this, forwards and back" (say direction you've chosen and show direction), or in your own words.

Common signals your pendulum may give (or you may choose) are front to back, side to side, clockwise circle, or counter clockwise circle or not moving at all.

Once programmed, you then need to try out your pendulum to confirm its working properly and will give you accurate answers. Ask your pendulum a few simple questions that you know the answer to eg: "Is today Monday?". You want to ensure that both yes and no are programmed correctly. If its not working properly, reprogram your pendulum.

If all is well, you do not need to repeat this step next time. You can now ask your pendulum questions whenever you feel the need for some clarity. 

With every use, you'll want to program your pendulums source of where it gets its answers from. Your pendulum may want to use your subconsciousness to derive its answers, but you will want it to channel your higher self.

To do this, you can say or think before each session, "I call upon the higher self to answer these questions. I seek only truthful answers, which are aligned with the highest and greatest good for all concerned.” or use your own words to that effect. 

Only ask questions that can be answered with a yes, or a no. Be as specific as you can. Then wait for the pendulum to respond. It may take a few seconds or a minute. Make sure you keep your mind clear and open and don't focus on the answer you're hoping for. 

Once it starts swinging, look at what direction its going in and this will be your answer. You can ask your question more than once if its isnt moving, try rephrasing your question. If it swings hard and fast, this is your pendulum telling you "loudly" what its answer is, and if its the opposite, softly and slowing, you may interpret this as a quieter, less determined answer.

At the end of each question, touch the stone weight to the palm of your hand or another surface to clear it of your question. You can then move onto another question if you wish.

When you're not using your pendulum, you can either wear it so its always attuned to your body's energies, or keep it in a protective pouch or box.