About Ink Moon

Welcome to Inkmoon!

Ink Moon is a boutique online crystal, metaphysical and art store based in Langwarrin near the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne.

Each crystal in our collection has been hand picked, with a focus on quality and exceptional pieces. 

Our aim is to provide gorgeous crystals and metaphysical products at affordable prices so that everyone on their spiritual journey can enjoy the beauty and healing benefits of crystals. We love getting to know our customers through our live shows in our Facebook group, and building strong relationships with all the beautiful people who share their time with us. 

We share our crystal knowledge with our customers so that they can make educated and informed choices on which products will work best for them and their spiritual journeys, and are always happy to help with any enquires regarding our products.

We also welcome custom orders if you are looking for a particular crystal to add to your collection. 

Ink Moon is run by mum of three and artist, Tarryn Benitez. 

About Tarryn


My name is Tarryn, and I've had a love of crystals and art ever since I can remember. 

I've been lucky enough to have come from a family of artists, with family specialising in everything from pottery and jewellery to oil painting.

My grandmother, as an art teacher, nourished my love of painting and drawing from a very young age. My creative skills were supported by my mother and father growing up, and eventually led me into design school, studying photography, pottery, printmaking, illustration, graphic design, painting and drawing. 

After design school, I finished my qualifications in Fashion Design, and went on to work in the fashion industry until my daughter was born. 

I now love creating watercolour art inspired by my journey as a mother, and my spiritual connection to the world. 

My love of gems and crystals also started young, with my grandfather a collector of gems, and as my father is a jeweller, I was exposed to many beautiful crystals and stones.

My aunt was very spiritual and used to take me to local crystal stores where I bought my first ever crystal, a tigers eye tumble. The energy in these crystal stores made me feel like I was in the most magical place. My aunt also introduced me to spirits, meditation, fairies and the like and my fascination grew. My wonderful step mother helped me further explore this world as I grew older, setting up aromatherapy, meditation music, and buying me beautiful crystal jewellery on our outings together.

It has always been my happy place, and now I get to share it with you all and with my children!

In my spare time, I love spending quality time with my family, eating good food, painting, drawing, sewing, cuddling with our ragdoll kitty Meika, redecorating my home, gardening, meditating, relaxing on the beach and connecting with nature. 

Thankyou to all our beautiful customers who have supported me on this journey, and who have shared your lovely stories and crystal chit chat with me. 

Our customers are what makes Ink Moon so special, I love connecting with you all and being let into your lives. 

Love and Light to you all,

Tarryn xxx