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Ink Moon

Awaiting Your Arrival Twins Art Print

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Our "Awaiting Your Arrival" Art Print features a beautiful original watercolour artwork by Tarryn Benitez, printed on high-quality 176 gsm parchment paper.

As the mother and father embrace each other in "Awaiting Your Arrival," they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their twins with love and patience. In their own little universe, their sole focus is on each other and the boundless love they have for their children, free from any outside distractions. The twins are also secure and shielded in their mother's womb, creating their own unique universe. This universe represents the limitless potential that the babies will bring with them, as they are connected to both mother earth and the heavens.

 Perfect for displaying in any home or office, each one is hand signed and measures A4 in size. These also make a great gift. 

Final print will not come with the watermark.

Any out of stock prints are available on pre-order with quick turnaround, so please get in contact if the print you want shows as out of stock. These can be printed and posted within the week.