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Ink Moon

Spell Jar Earrings

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Embrace the magical powers of these handmade Spell Jar earrings!

Carry your spell wherever you go for maximum effects.

These unique handmade earrings are crafted with genuine crystals, real herbs from our garden and salt, and are sealed with a wax drip. To top it off, a dazzling Swarovski crystal bead has been added for extra sparkle.

Each pair is infused with a specific intention, but you can personalise the energy by cleansing and setting your own intentions using the included instructions. Or simply wear them as is and enjoy their overall benefits!

Choose from five different intention sets, available in heart or star shapes.

Blue with Lapis Lazuli - Protection, Clarity, Truth

Yellow with Citrine - Happiness, Abundance, Positivity

Red with Carnelian - Creativity, Passion, Motivation, Courage, Confidence

Green with Green Aventurine - Luck, Abundance, Fortune

Pink with Rose Quartz - Self love, Self Esteem, Love, Confidence