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Ink Moon

Rose Calcite Heart

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This Rose Calcite Heart will bring joy to your life with its beautiful banding and rainbows that can be seen within the crystal. The perfect piece to add a little sparkle to your life.

Rose Calcite Healing Properties:


A Heart Chakra crystal, Rose Calcite is a stone of comfort, tenderness, and calm. It is a natural stress reliever that wards off anxiety and worry. Rose Calcite is an excellent stone for those of us who suffer a crisis of identity or traumatic events. This is also an excellent crystal for teenagers as they struggle to find their true selves.

Rose Calcite heals the Heart Chakra and is ideal to channel communication between the heart and the mind. Rose Calcite opens us to new opportunities and helps us as we begin new opportunities. It gently guides us through transitions and change. This stone helps us gain perspective on our past, insight in our present, and foresight to our future.

Rose Calcite helps us move gently and deeply into self-love. It helps us connect to our own hearts, discover our true identity and intentions, and prioritize our own self-care.