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Ink Moon

Rhyolite Green Flower Jasper Sphere

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Beautiful Rare Green Flower Jasper sphere, sometimes called Rhyolite Flower Jasper. 

These have gorgeous flower like formations, almost like a dandelion. 

 Size (approx): 5.5cm

Don’t forget a sphere stand to display your treasure! 


Green Flower Jasper Healing Properties:


Green Flower Jasper is a great protective stone against life's dangers. It will also prepare you for new beginnings with confidence and good self-esteem. You will be able to embrace change and look ahead with no fear. 

Green Flower Jasper can be described as an energy that helps in "Reblooming " after painful or exhausting period in life . It is extremely soothing after recent trauma or stress. 
Green Flower Jasper protects from you from your own fears & self-doubts.
It has a Feminine and Maternal Presence and is ideal for restoring emotional balance & recovery.

Green Flower Jasper is a stone of spiritual wisdom, harmony, and connection to mother earth. It is said to help encourage one to celebrate all of life's beautiful moments, big and small. Physically, green jasper is said to aid in treatment of digestive system and stomach disorders.