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Ink Moon

Rhodonite Bracelets

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Receive the full benefits of crystals healing by wearing your favourite crystals.

We have a large range of beautiful crystal bracelets available. 

One beautiful8mm Rhodonite Bracelet will be intuitively chosen for you.  It stretches to fit. 

Size: 17cm relaxed approx, on stretchy elastic.

Rhodonite Healing Properties:


Rhodonite is a stone of gratitude and compassion. It intensifies acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love towards oneself and others. Rhodonite has energy that draws one to perform actions that are beneficial in aiding the healing of the Earth and helping others. Rhodonite symbolizes 'selfrealization' and helps one remember that the best rewards in life come from serving the highest good. It can assist one in appreciating everything they have in life, as well as discovering their true passion and learning new skills.