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Ink Moon

Red Milk Agate Bracelet - Rare

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Receive the full benefits of crystals healing by wearing your favourite crystals.

We have a large range of beautiful crystal bracelets available. 

One beautiful rare Red Milk Agate Bracelet will be intuitively chosen for you.  It stretches to fit. 

8mm beads. 

Size: 17-19cm relaxed approx, on stretchy elastic. 

Rainbow Milk Agate Healing Properties: 


Otherwise known as Yanyuan Agate is a rare form of agate found in Sichuan, China.
Yanyuan agate can really cheer you up, which make it an ideal gift for someone who often feels a bit moody, like a new mum.
It is a stone that enhances the capabilities of the mind. and clears your consciousness of all frustrations and distractions, allowing you to think clearly and enhance attentiveness. With Agate, one attains the power to think quickly on their feet and solve problems swiftly. Furthermore, with a clear mind, you will be able to rid your life of any tensions and resentment, making more room for love and happiness.
Agate is also very beneficial to ones self-esteem and self-image. This mystical stone will increase the confidence you have in yourself, creating an environment in which you can attain your aspirations. Agate will eliminate any fears you may have, and replace them with the strength to be courageous in the face of any event.
It generally helps in all areas: bringing luck, health, balancing emotions and protection. They resonate with the Heart & Sacral Chakras, which is the best combination for emotional healing, releasing negative emotion and bring joy.