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Ink Moon

Phoenix Points

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Beautiful Phoenix points are now available. 

Eilat, otherwise known as Phoenix Stone is a combination of materials which can include Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Malachite, Azurite, Dioptase, Copper and Quartz.

Sizes available: 

Large: 9-10 cm

Medium: 7-9 cm

Small: 6-7 cm

Eilat (Phoenix) Healing Properties:


Eilat stone has an incredible loving energy that is calming, and helps heal emotional trauma, balancing and attuning the emotional system. It helps attain peace in the soul and balance yin and yang energy. It can also enhance creativity and imagination, and will encourage creative solutions to life’s problems and challenges. Eilat /Phoenix Stone is also highly beneficial for full body healing, it promotes good health and helps draw out body pains. It can relieve inflammation and fevers and aid in tissue and bone healing. It can enhance the body’s absorption of nutrients, and is also beneficial for the sinuses and mouth. Eilat / Phoenix Stone can carry energies of good fortune and luck, and can transform negative experiences into positive ones. It may give good insight to encourage better decisions and choices.