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Ink Moon

Large Natural Smoky Citrine Cluster

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The beautiful stone of Abundance.

Citrine is an incredibly powerful stone to bring into your space to begin attracting an abundance of whatever it is that you desire.

While it’s beautiful gold tones certainly promote and attract prosperity, it is not simply about financial or material gains, but an abundance of love, joy, freedom, creativity; whatever it is that sparks your joy, sets your soul on fire and will lead you to that place of fulfilment. A beautiful life of abundance.

Size approx: 11 x 6cm

Citrine Healing Properties:

Citrine has one of the most joyful and uplifting energies of any crystal as it
possesses healing properties of the Sun. Citrine promotes self-confidence,
individuality, courage, and hope. It is one of the best crystals to treat
anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Citrine helps one stay in the
present moment, and set and maintain emotional boundaries. Associated
with the sacral chakra, Citrine is an excellent crystal for creativity and
pushes one to imagine all that can be. It also helps one become less
sensitive to criticism from others.