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Ink Moon

Large Apophyllite Cluster

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Beautiful Apophyllite cluster, a stunning piece with mirrored glassy points that catch the light. This cluster radiates serenity and tranquillity, perfect for any space.

Approx. size: 11 x 10cm.

Apophyllite Healing Properties:


Apophyllite is a very high vibrational stone. It promotes lucid dreaming and enhances psychic abilities. It helps you process spiritual information, and better interpret the messages you receive in your dreams. 
Apophyllite is called the Reiki stone; it resonates with an abundance of life force energy and carries the vibrations of higher realms. It has a tetragonal crystalline structure, which means it's a crystal that can balance energy around intentions and is great to use when manifesting something into your life.
Apophyllite is an amazing crystal that can also amplify other crystals around it.
It's a great crystal to use in meditation, astral projection, crystal grids, and to raise vibrations in your home and office.