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Ink Moon

Kunzite Bracelet - Rare

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$26.00 AUD

Receive the full benefits of crystals healing by wearing your favourite crystals.

We have a large range of beautiful crystal bracelets available. 

One beautiful rare Kunzite Bracelet will be intuitively chosen for you.  It stretches to fit. 

Size: 17cm relaxed approx, on stretchy elastic.

Kunzite Healing Properties:


Kunzite is an extremely spiritual stone with a high vibration. It opens the heart chakra to unconditional Divine love and allows one to heal from rejection, abandonment, and betrayal. It is a beneficial stone for those who find it difficult to enter a meditative state due to its calming and centering effect on the mind and body. It is a useful healer for people who have had to grow up too fast, bringing back lost trust and innocence.