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Ink Moon

Kingfisher Art Print

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Our "Kingfisher" Art Print features a beautiful original watercolour artwork by Tarryn Benitez, printed on high-quality 176 gsm parchment paper.

The Kingfisher is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and abundance. They are associated with the mighty planet Jupiter, representing good fortune, fertility, a bountiful harvest and good luck. Whenever we feel like we're attracting negativity in our lives, the Kingfisher can turn our fortunes around for the better. It's a reminder to dive into new experiences without fear. Whenever we're hesitant to embrace new opportunities, we can call upon the Kingfisher for courage and guidance. This magnificent bird teaches us not to fear the unknown and to continuously learn and grow. Let's keep an open mind and welcome new things into our lives. The Kingfisher embodies freedom, bravery, exploration, and balance. They have an adventurous spirit and are always on the move. Dreaming of these birds is often a sign of perseverance, but their meanings and interpretations may vary depending on their actions in the dream.

Perfect for displaying in any home or office, each one is hand signed and measures A4 in size. These prints also make a perfect gift!

Final print will not come with the watermark.

Any out of stock prints are available on pre-order with short turnaround, so please get in contact if the print you want shows as out of stock. These can be printed and posted within the week.