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Ink Moon

Ixchel Goddess Invocation Kit

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Goddess Invocation Kits – Embrace Your Inner Priestess!

Welcome to The Goddess Collective by Ink Moon, where divine magic and sacred empowerment come to life. Our Goddess Invocation Kits are more than just spiritual tools; they are a pathway to connect deeply with the divine feminine energy of the goddess you choose to honour. 

Discover the Magic Within:

Imagine holding in your hands a beautifully curated collection of sacred items, each meticulously chosen to resonate with the energy of your goddess. Our Goddess Invocation Kits are designed to help you channel the unique power of goddesses like Freya, Brigid, Hecate, and many more. Whether you seek love, protection, creativity, or wisdom, there's a goddess waiting to guide and bless you.


Ixchel, the ancient Mayan goddess of the moon, fertility, and healing, embodies the nurturing and protective aspects of the divine feminine. She is a powerful healer and a guardian of women, associated with childbirth and medicine. Connect with Ixchel to embrace your intuitive powers, promote healing, and safeguard yourself from negativity.

What's Inside Your Goddess Invocation Kit?

  • Goddess Card: Featuring her image, detailed information, and a powerful invocation to call upon her presence.
  • Handcrafted Altar Crystal Candle: Infused with scents chosen especially for your goddess to enhance your altar and spiritual practice.
  • Crystal Pendant: Wear it as a pendant or use it as a pendulum to seek guidance directly from your goddess.
  • Handpicked Herb & Flower Mix: Use these sacred herbs in rituals, as loose-leaf incense, or in spellwork to invoke her essence.
  • Three Crystal Tumbles: Perfect for meditation, spellwork, or carrying with you to stay connected to your goddess's energy.
  • Roll-On Crystal Ritual Oil: Made with organic jojoba oil and pure essential oils, and infused with crystals, including a crystal roller ball, this versatile blend can be used for anointing, in spells, as a face oil in a beauty ritual or as a perfume.
  • Spell Candle: Crafted for your spellwork to help you manifest your desires with the goddess's blessing.
  • Crystal-Infused Moon Water: Captured under a Sagittarius moon, ideal for altar work, spells, or personal rituals.
  • Incense Stick: For cleansing your space, your tools, and yourself, ensuring a sacred environment for your practices.

All put together in a beautiful gift box!

As an added bonus, leave your email in the checkout, and you will receive a free Goddess Information Pack, which includes the history of your goddess, her myths, ways to work with her, an affirmation, and a spell!

That's everything you need to start worshipping and working with your goddess!

Why Choose Our Goddess Invocation Kits?

Each item in our kits is crafted with the utmost care and intention, designed to bring beauty and magic into your life. Our candles are handmade, our oils and herb mixes are carefully blended, and all crystals are cleansed and charged, ready for your spiritual journey. Every jar is glass, allowing you to reuse it in future spells and rituals, and every label is handwritten, adding a personal touch to your sacred space.

Step into Your Power:

By choosing a Goddess Invocation Kit, you are not just purchasing a set of spiritual tools; you are stepping into a sacred role as a priestess of your chosen goddess. Embrace her power, invoke her blessings, and let her guide you on your path to self-discovery and empowerment.

Experience the magic and beauty of our Goddess Invocation Kits. Whether you are new to spiritual practices or a seasoned practitioner, these kits will enhance your connection to the divine and empower you to live your best life.

Unleash your inner priestess with The Goddess Collective's Invocation Kits and let the magic unfold.

* Please note, the image is an example of what you may receive in your box, but there may be variations depending on availability. Rest assured, all items included will always be connected back to the goddess correspondences. Each box will contain an altar candle, three crystal tumbles, a pendant, magikal herbs, moon water, an art card, instructions, a spell candle, incense, and ritual oil, though the exact items may vary.

Customer Testimonials:

"I felt an immediate connection to Freya when I received my kit. The items are beautiful and powerful, and the energy is undeniable. I feel truly blessed." – Sarah M.

"The Goddess Collective has created something truly special. These kits are not only gorgeous but also deeply magical. I've never felt closer to my goddess, Hecate." – Emily R.