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Ink Moon

Intuition Art Print

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Our "Intuition" Art Print features a beautiful original watercolour artwork by Tarryn Benitez, printed on high-quality 176 gsm parchment paper.

This artwork was inspired by the powerful word "intuition". As women, we often carry a deep maternal intuition that can be overlooked or ignored due to external influences and societal expectations. However, we are all connected to the divine and can draw wisdom from the universe. It is important to slow down, listen to our inner voices, and trust ourselves in order to stay true to who we are.

Brigit, the Irish goddess of Spring, stands with confidence as her third eye and connection to the divine are strong. Her bond with her baby is just as powerful, and the owl perched on her shoulder symbolises wisdom and her connection to the earth. The crescent moon and universe represent intuition and the endless potential that surrounds us, always connected to the divine. The golden rays of light are pure and healing, while the purple rays hold protection and divine guidance.  

The baby is always safe and secure in their own universe, embraced by stars and celestial energy that symbolise their existence in between the physical and the spiritual realms. It can represents both a physical being entering this world and also the potential for projects, thoughts, new businesses and creative endeavours that can be nurtured and grown within you.

 Brigid is famously known as the Celtic deity associated with spring, fertility, and vitality. Imbolc, which commemorates her and is also known as St. Bridget's Day, has become a prominent celebration in both Pagan and Christian traditions. She is revered as the Goddess of healing, poetry, and craftsmanship, as well as the embodiment of Fire, the Sun, and the Hearth. Brigid is considered a symbol of fertility for both land and people, and is especially revered by midwives and newborns. As the Triple Goddess, she is often depicted in her Maiden form during Imbolc.

Perfect for displaying in any home or office, each one is hand signed and measures A4 in size. These prints also make the perfect gifts!

Final print will not come with the watermark.

Any out of stock prints are available on pre-order with quick turnaround, so please get in contact if the print you want shows as out of stock. These can be printed and posted within the week.