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Ink Moon

I am Whole Gift Set -Deep Healing

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$110.00 AUD
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$160.00 AUD
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$110.00 AUD

Treat yourself or someone you love with these beautiful themed crystal gift sets!

Each box has a value of over $160, & includes a handmade soy intention candle, affirmation card & intuitively picked gorgeous crystals to fit the theme.

I am Whole Gift Set

Brings deep healing & unconditional love into your life & aids you in recovery



·Our Handmade Soy Healing Candle - Cookie Scent with  sprinkled Palo Santo, Sage, Lavender, & dried florals, with Clear Quartz, Citrine, Rose Quartz & Golden Obsidian crystals

·Rhodonite Pendant – emotional balancer, clears emotional wounds & scars, nurtures love, heals emotional shock & panic, known as the rescue stone

·Selenite Healing Wand – Cleanse your energy and can be used to direct energy in healing and remove negative energy

·Clear Quartz Natural Point - Master Healer, Good for programming

·Unakite Point – removes emotional pain to help you move forward, allows acceptance and healing

·Golden Healer Heart – one of the most powerful healing stones, clears energy blockages and balances body, aligns all chakras, multi level healing

·Rainbow Obsidian Sphere – Protection, emotional healing, recovery, heals old wounds, good for grief or relationship breakdowns

·Rhodonite Cube

·Ocean Jasper Sphere – Gives hope, calms emotions & removes stress, heals trauma, protects

·Lepidolite Palm – Stability, Peace, Healing, reduces stress & anxiety