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Ink Moon

Grief & Loss Tumble Kit

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Sometimes grief can become all-consuming.

This kit supports you as you walk  through this particularly dark side of life.

It helps bring comfort & healing following a loss, surrounding you with love on your journey through grief.

Our hand picked and carefully curated crystals kits are the perfect way to heal, manifest and motivate you to lead your best life.

Whether you are a beginner or an avid collector, we are confident that you will find the kit that's just right for you. They also make great gifts for anyone in your life. 

Each kit comes with a description card listing each stone and its benefits, an organza drawstring pouch to keep them in and clear instructions on how to use, cleanse, care and look after your crystals.

Crystals shown in images are an example of what you may receive. Sizes and look of tumble stones / cubes may be differ.

In this kit: 

Dalmatian Jasper: Calming & Grounding, it brings inner peace & stability. Releases anger & confusion that are the natural by-products of grief.

Mookaite: Heals emotional trauma & grief. Provides strength & protects from the emotional pain of loss. Brings us to present, & helps to release the past & accept the future simultaneously.

Ocean Jasper: The Grieving Stone. Nurturing & protective. Helps you to relax & come to peace even in difficult situations. Encourages healing, kindness, & comfort.

Rhodonite: Good to have with you during those first, mind-numbing moments of loss. It helps you accept your loss at your own pace while healing your heart. Helps heal depression, alleviate anxiety & remove rage & guilt. Brings you self-compassion &
inner strength.

Unakite: Aids in releasing sorrow, grief, & loss. Supports anyone who feels lost, overwhelmed, or has trouble focusing on the present. Helps you push through these hardships no matter the emotional pain & allows one to truly find inner peace.

Unicorn Stone: Surrounds you with love & emotional healing after a tragedy, heartbreak, loss of a loved one. Calms the emotions in times of distress & helps release anxiety & fears. It helps ground you & stay in the present moment.