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Ink Moon

Goddess Guide Art Psychic Reading

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Introductory Prices!*

Connect to your Divine Goddess with this experience!

Discover the Patron Goddess that wants to assist you on your journey and provide wisdom to guide you!

Our Goddess Guide Painting & Psychic Reading includes a distant reading to receive a message from your divine guide and a watercolour painting created uniquely for you.

From spirit artist Tarryn:

“I believe we all have spirit guides watching over us, to protect us and offer opportunities and teachings to help guide us on our path through life. They communicate with us by giving signs that we often miss because we are not looking for them or we notice them but don’t attribute them to have any meaning. 
Your goddess has probably been calling you for a while, given you signs/symbols or opportunities to connect with her. You may have one or more goddesses or guides around you at one time.
I would love to help you connect with your main goddess and pass on her message to you, so you can begin working with her and use her guidance, protection and knowledge to help you enrich your life. You may be surprised at how familiar your goddess seems when you finally meet her through my art, and get to know who she is, and maybe you’ll even recognise some of the signs she’s already sent you!”  

How it works:

When booking, please send through your name and a recent photo of yourself either via our contact form, or via a Facebook/Instagram private message. 

Once you've booked in your Goddess Guide reading, Tarryn will connect to her Goddess Guide and ask her to bring forth the Goddess that is surrounding you and currently guiding you on your journey in this life. 

Tarryn will ask what message your Goddess has for you and will use automatic writing to channel your Goddess and craft your personalised message.

She will then invite your goddess to guide her in creating a beautiful depiction of your goddess for you through her artwork. This guidance will help Tarryn create a stunning piece of art that reflects your Goddess, aiding in your connection with her. Every artwork Tarryn creates is intuitive and may take on different looks based on what is communicated through your goddess.

Your artwork will be created on A4 300gsm Watercolour paper using high grade artist watercolours and other mediums. It will be presented on a thick backing board and clear sleeve to protect it. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity with your artwork. 

Your message/reading will be typed and emailed to you along with the information about your goddess guide and how to connect to your goddess. 

Your artwork and message will be posted to you along with some information about your Goddess. 

Upon arrival, finding a frame for your new art piece won't be a hassle - it's A4 size makes it easy to locate one without custom ordering.

This listing also give you the option to upgrade to include a more extensive 3 card reading if you would like further guidance and also includes a Goddess Invocation Box that correspond to your Goddess to help you better connect to her.

These can also be used to place on your altar dedicated to your Goddess.

Feel free to include a specific question when checking out in the comments box, but Tarryn will provide a reading even without one!

Your artwork will take approx. 2 weeks to complete and will be posted to you upon completion. 

Please note: This distant reading doesn't require a booking time or in-person meeting - Tarryn will add your booking to her list the moment you book, and will work through them in the order they were made.

About the Artist:

Tarryn Benitez has been creating beautiful art her entire life.

She has use many different art mediums in her time, from printmaking, photography, drawing, ceramics, digital art, painting and more, but her favourite medium to work with is watercolours. Watercolour is a transformative process, creating thin layer upon layer to create depth, and requires patience and the ability to let go and allow the water and paints create beautiful patterns. Tarryn especially enjoys working with bright vibrant colours and metallic watercolours to create truly transformative and magical pieces of art.

 *These prices are an introductory price and will be available for a limited time only. Photos displayed are an example of the artwork you may receive.