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Ink Moon

Lodalite (Garden Quartz) Spheres

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Stunning High Grade Lodalite (Garden Quartz) Spheres. 

Like a little world encapsulated in a polished crystal. Turning this sphere around in your hand soothes the soul and brings an incredible sense of growth and balance to the holder. This Lodolite sphere (aka "Garden Quartz") is a great travel companion and meditation tool. Use it in meditation to have a single focus mindset or place in your home or sacred space to encourage gentle strength. 

Incredible clarity in the quartz, with beautiful green mineral inclusions.

Photos do not do these spheres justice. The top sphere in the first photo has already gone - get your hands on the bottom one (it's what you see in the snaps + vids)!

Size: 4.5 cm approx

Lodalite (Garden Quartz) Healing Properties:


Garden Quartz is a stone that has been long favoured by shamans as it helps one connect to their spirit and animal guides with ease. It allows one to gently release emotional issues from this lifetime as well as past lives. It brings repressed emotions to the surface to allow for healing and transformation. It is recommended for anyone who experienced early childhood traumas that are causing them to feel anxiety, fear and stress.