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Ink Moon

Distant Psychic Readings with Tarryn

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Experience the power and insight of a distant psychic reading with Tarryn Benitez.

Tarryn is offering distant tarot readings to those who seek insight, clarity, knowledge or advice in their life right now. She is an intuitive spirit artist and owner of Ink Moon Crystals. She has always been able to connect with spirits and guides since she was a little girl, and has been using this psychic connection to intuitively guide people all her life. 

From Tarryn:

“I believe we all have spirit guides watching over us, to protect us and offer opportunities and teachings to help guide us on our path through life. They communicate with us by giving signs that we often miss because we are not looking for them or we notice them but don’t attribute them to have any meaning. 
I would love to help you connect with your spirit guides and pass on their messages, guidance and insight to you, so you can gain some clarity, healing, and knowledge to help you enrich your life. 

I take pride in giving detailed, honest information to help you on your journey through life. I want to help you realise your full potential, take back your power, and feel supported and loved, because you are! 

I reveal both what I sense, hear, and what appears through the cards, enlightening you to not only the positive aspects of the reading but also the challenges ahead (should you have any). I give direct honest straightforward information, which can sometimes be confronting to hear, but knowing the truth will help you make better informed decisions about the direction you are going and move forward with ease. 

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs and hard situations, and sometimes a little clarity can make a world of difference.  My readings sometimes touch on hard subjects, and this can be emotional as you process this information. I am happy to provide further clarity to you should you find you have any further questions arise after your reading. 

You are more than welcome to ask me to focus on a specific area in your life or question you need answering, or I can just do a general reading and reveal what you need to know in this moment. 

This distant reading is a fabulous method to bring my gift of clarity and accurate tarot interpretation directly to you in the comfort of your own home. During these readings, I channel your energy whilst selecting cards to ensure accuracy remains the same high standard."

How it works:

When booking, please send through your name and a recent photo of yourself either via our contact form, or via a Facebook/Instagram private message. 

Once you've booked in your reading, Tarryn will connect to her Goddess Guide and ask her to bring forth your guides that are surrounding you and currently guiding you on your journey in this life. 

Tarryn will ask what message your guides has for you and will use automatic writing to channel your this message.

She will then invite your guides to guide her while pulling tarot cards on your life, situation or question and she will intuitively interpret the meanings for you. 

Your message/reading will be typed and emailed to you along with a photo of your cards. 

Feel free to include a specific question when checking out in the comments box, but Tarryn will provide a reading even without one!

Please note: This distant reading doesn't require a booking time or in-person meeting - Tarryn will add your booking to her list the moment you book, and will work through them in the order they were made. You will be given a timeframe of the waitlist upon booking or you can message directly beforehand via our website chat, Facebook or Instagram using the social links on the website. 

We are now offering an upgrade for a mystery box to be included in your reading!

What the upgrade includes:

An Intuitively picked Mystery Box with a min value of $100 for only $75 including free postage!

Once your reading is complete, Tarryn will intuitively pick a array of items from the crystal shop that directly align with the messages she has received in your reading, or that she feels you need at this time to help support you on your journey.

These items may range from jewellery like crystal bracelets, earrings or pendants, pendulums, tumble stones, candles, melts, tarot cards, or crystals of all shapes and sizes. We have a huge range in our online store and will choose a beautiful array of items for you! 

The box will be packed up and posted to you.