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Ink Moon

Labradorite Ring

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$20.00 AUD
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$20.00 AUD

Large oval high grade Labradorite ring.

This ring has an adjustable band so it fits a variety of ring sizes. 

One Labradorite ring will be intuitively picked for you.

Pictures are an example of what you will receive. 

Stone Size (approx): 1cm

Labradorite Healing Properties:


Labradorite is known as the 'Bringer of Light', and is a highly mystical and protective crystal. It raises one's consciousness and connects them to universal energies. Labradorite forms a protective barrier, deflecting negativity and unwanted energies from both the aura and home. It stimulates intuition, enhances psychic abilities, and aids one in their spiritual journey. Labradorite is a crystal of transformation, and is particularly beneficial for periods of change by imparting one with strength, courage, and perseverance.