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Ink Moon

Crystal Surprise Lucky Dips!

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$15.00 AUD
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$15.00 AUD

Remember those epic lucky dips we used to snag at toy stores as kids? Well, get ready for the grown-up, sparkly, deluxe version!

✨ Our Crystal Lucky Dips are here to sprinkle some nostalgia into your life!

💎 Here's the deal: You may get one crystal, multiple crystals or crystal jewellery in your Crystal Surprise Lucky Dip!  Choose from four awesome price options - $15, $25, $40, or $50. But hold onto your hats because the crystal/s inside will be worth even more than what you paid!

We promise to pack each dip with gorgeous items, handpicked with love.

It's it's like giving a present to yourself! 

Whichever crystal you get, we believe the crystal chooses you for a reason!