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Ink Moon

K2 Bracelets

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Receive the full benefits of crystals healing by wearing your favourite crystals.

We have a large range of beautiful crystal bracelets available. 

One beautiful K2 Bracelet will be intuitively chosen for you.  It stretches to fit. 

8mm beads.

Size: 17-19 cm relaxed approx, on stretchy elastic.

K2 Healing Properties:

K-2 opens and unlocks our third eye and crown chakra. This stone helps strengthen the third eye to enhance psychic abilities on all levels (lucid dreaming, astral projection, telepathy) and assist in the opening of the crown chakra. When our crown becomes open, endless amounts of higher knowledge soon begin to spiral down within us. The third eye connection to the crown is vital at this point, and aids in “seeing” what this knowledge truly means. This information is here to serve you on the path to your higher self, and K-2 is the key to accessing this knowledge. 

A crystal of inner vision, it may be used to enhance dreams, awaken and strengthen psychic abilities and intuition, and connect with one’s spirit guides and Higher powers for wisdom and guidance. It is a marvellous professional stone for psychics, mediums, and other Lightworkers to remain grounded in objectivity and accuracy during their interpretations to avoid inadvertently injecting their own experiences or influences.