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Ink Moon

Chakra Rainbow Sage

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Get ready to infuse your space with love and light with our fabulous Seven-Chakra Smudge Stick!

Adorned with six vibrant rose petals and purple sea lavender (statice) flowers, this smudge stick is designed to bring harmony to both your physical and spiritual realms. Crafted from sustainably sourced sacred white sage (salvia apiana), this ancient practice has been cherished for centuries for its cleansing, purifying, and protective properties. Burning white sage not only neutralises energy but also boosts intuition, releasing negative ions into the atmosphere to promote health, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

Size approx: 10cm

So, how do you smudge a house? First things first, open those windows and doors to let the negative energy flow out and back to Mother Earth. Start your ritual at the front door, lighting the tip of your smudge stick and gently blowing on the leaves to create a mystical smoke. Hold it in a heatproof container to catch any ash, then move through each room, waving the stick with a graceful flourish. Walk mindfully, clockwise around your home, allowing the smoke to reach every hidden corner, banishing negativity as you go.

Feeling inspired to cleanse your space with sage? Offer up a simple prayer to the sacred ones, asking them to clear your home of stagnant energy. And when you're finished smudging, don't forget to express your gratitude to them and the sage for their assistance. You can even smudge yourself or a friend from head to toe for an extra dose of positivity and protection.

Wondering if you can reuse your smudge stick? Absolutely! Just be sure to extinguish it under running water and let it dry in the sun before your next cleansing session. And remember, always practice caution when working with smudge sticks, especially around little ones and furry friends. With our Seven-Chakra Smudge Stick, you'll be on your way to a blissfully balanced and beautifully cleansed space in no time!