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Ink Moon

Baby Fever Tumble Kit

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Create a safe & nurturing space for yourself & the new soul you hope to welcome into this world with this crystal set. Supporting you from pre-conception all the way until birth, this set aids in fertility & pregnancy.

Our hand picked and carefully curated crystals kits are the perfect way to heal, manifest and motivate you to lead your best life.

Whether you are a beginner or an avid collector, we are confident that you will find the kit that's just right for you. They also make great gifts for anyone in your life. 

Each kit comes with a description card listing each stone and its benefits, an organza drawstring pouch to keep them in and clear instructions on how to use, cleanse, care and look after your crystals.

Crystals shown in images are an example of what you may receive. Sizes and look of tumble stones / cubes may be differ.

In this kit: 

Agate: “The Ultimate Pregnancy stone”. It helps to protect mother and baby from harm, soothes labour pains, eases morning sickness, ensures a healthy milk flow for the baby.

Carnelian: Boosts fertility, promotes sexuality & reproductive system, guards against miscarriage.

Desert Rose: The Protector of Pregnancy & Motherhood. Promotes fertility, increases the libido, gives strength & resilience & an easier childbirth.

Peach Moonstone: Enhances fertility, protection stone for women & children. Helps to clear out any emotional or physical blockages that can prevent you from conceiving. Aids in regulating menstrual cycles & balances hormones.

Unakite: Balances & stimulates the reproductive system. Supports recuperation & aids in healthy pregnancy & childbirth.

Pyrite: A wonderful abundance stone, it encourages wealth, success & prosperity. Releases negative energy & fears that may be blocking success, while attracting positive energy. Helps to overcome feelings of inadequacy, stress & boosts self-worth. Allows you to manifest all form of success.

Unicorn Stone: Assists women who are having difficulties conceiving. Unwinds tensions/stresses contributing to infertility on a physical level. Stimulates fertility, eases anxiety.