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Ink Moon

Business Boss Tumble Kit

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Bring success to your career or new business!
These help bring prosperity, abundance & success to a new or existing business or career.

Our hand picked and carefully curated crystals kits are the perfect way to heal, manifest and motivate you to lead your best life.

Whether you are a beginner or an avid collector, we are confident that you will find the kit that's just right for you. They also make great gifts for anyone in your life. 

Each kit comes with a description card listing each stone and its benefits, an organza drawstring pouch to keep them in and clear instructions on how to use, cleanse, care and look after your crystals.

Crystals shown in images are an example of what you may receive. Sizes and look of tumble stones / cubes may be differ.

In this kit: 

Carnelian: Inspires Confidence, Courage & Empowerment. Boosts Self Esteem & Self Worth, Creativity & Motivation.

Citrine: The 'Success Stone'. Attracts abundance, money & good luck, Removes negativity, increases positivity.

Clear Quartz: Powerful Manifestation Stone - Set your intentions & let it work your magic! Cleanses, charges & increases the power of other crystals. Gives clarity.

Flower Agate: Manifests & nurtures your dreams. Removes self doubt & fears, allowing you to grow to your full potential! Ignites you to pursue your dreams & live life to the fullest.

Green Aventurine: The “Luck” Stone. Promotes business success & opportunities. Manifests wealth, prosperity & abundance. Aids communication & increases

Jade: Aids in making important decisions during business transactions. Bestows you with lucky chances. Attracts wealth & harmony.

Moss Agate: Stone of wealth & new beginnings. Draws new business, increases prosperity. Good for small businesses and the self-employed.