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Ink Moon

Brecciated Chrysoprase & Opalised Fluorite Sphere

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Beautiful Brecciated Chrysoprase and Opalised Fluorite Sphere.

Brecciated crystals are fragmented stones that have been recaptured into a matrix or another crystal. Opalised fluorite is comprised largely of fluorite with minor amounts of opal, calcite, dolomite, quartz, chalcedony, bertrandite, and other minerals.

This sphere holds a beautiful mix of the two, with stunning green/aqua transparent and solid areas, mixed with natural caves. You can see the beautiful fragments in this sphere, reminding you that what once was broken can come together again.

 Size (approx): 4.5cm

Don’t forget a sphere stand to display your treasure! 


Chrysoprase Healing Properties:


Chrysoprase is a powerful healer of the heart. Chrysoprase is a Heart Chakra crystal that connects you with compassion and love. It centres you in peace and helps you to heal old love wounds. Chrysoprase is like a gemstone Band-Aid for the hurting heart and is an extraordinary emotional healer. It brings peace, perspective, and acceptance while allowing you to be present to the memories; it just eases the pain. If your heart needs healing, this Heart Healing Brecciated Chrysoprase Sphere is your gemstone ally. 
Using this stone enables one to establish a deep connection with the spirit of the Earth. It gives one the courage to face challenging situations with compassion and forgiveness. It is a stone of fidelity in both personal and business relationships. It helps one heal from co-dependency by bringing a sense of security, independence and acceptance of oneself and others.