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Ink Moon

Blue Agate Geode Cut Base

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$65.00 AUD

Get ready to add a pop of blue magic to your space with our fabulous Blue Agate Cut Base! Picture this: a dreamy lace-like pattern in mesmerizing blue, complete with a sparkling quartz druzy that's like a mini galaxy tucked inside.

It's not just a crystal, it's a statement piece!

This baby measures around 11 x 4.5 cm and weighs about 450 g, so it's perfect for sprucing up your desk, shelf, or any little nook that needs some love.

Blue Agate Healing Properties:


Blue Agate is like a gentle hug for your soul, wrapping you in its positive and supportive vibes. This calming and soothing stone helps you embrace self-acceptance and boosts your confidence with its comforting energy. It invites you to take a moment for quiet reflection, encouraging spiritual growth and inner peace as you navigate life's journey. Blue Agate also activates your throat chakra, empowering you to communicate with clarity and ease. Let the tranquil energy of Blue Agate lift your spirits and fill your heart with strength and serenity.