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Ink Moon

Black Calcite Heart Pendant

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Receive the full benefits of crystals healing by wearing your favourite crystals.

Keep your heart close with this beautiful Black Calcite Heart Pendant. Made with a black calcite and a sterling silver bail, it's a beautiful piece that will bring you joy.

Comes with a complimentary black cord necklace. 

Size: 3.5 x 3.5 cm approx

Black Calcite Healing Properties:


Black calcite is a powerful healing stone that can help to clear negative energy, reduce stress, and protect against psychic attacks. It’s also believed to stimulate creative thinking and aid in decision-making. It can help you tap into your intuition, as well as access higher spiritual planes of consciousness. 

If you practice crystal healing you may find that black calcite helps to heal physical ailments related to pain or inflammation. This mineral is also known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the body and mind. As such, it can provide relief from tension headaches, muscle aches, and other forms of physical discomfort.


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