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Ink Moon

Abundance Tumble Kit

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Release limiting beliefs & attract abundance, wealth & success into your life or business with the help of this set.

These crystals encourage abundance in areas of business, wealth, success, luck, manifestations & confidence.

Our hand picked and carefully curated crystals kits are the perfect way to heal, manifest and motivate you to lead your best life.

Whether you are a beginner or an avid collector, we are confident that you will find the kit that's just right for you. They also make great gifts for anyone in your life. 

Each kit comes with a description card listing each stone and its benefits, an organza drawstring pouch to keep them in and clear instructions on how to use, cleanse, care and look after your crystals.

Crystals shown in images are an example of what you may receive. Sizes and look of tumble stones / cubes may be differ.

In this kit: 

Agate: One of the oldest good luck & healing stones. Enhances love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity & harmony. Highly protective, wards off negative energy.

Citrine: The Money stone. Known for acquiring & maintaining wealth. Brings abundance & success. Powerful manifestation stone, it helps bring your financial goals to life & enhances confidence, gusto, willpower, & luck. 

Clear Quartz: The Amplifying stone. Master Healer. Amplifies intentions & the energy of other crystals. Encourages thought clarity. 

Green Aventurine: The luckiest crystal, it attracts prosperity, abundance & good  fortune into your life. Brings success in new ventures. Enables you to spot opportunities. Attracts wealth, winning games, & generating random windfalls.

Moss Agate: Stone of new beginnings, it attracts abundance. It assists one in the acquisition of riches. Unblocks your fears, doubts & self-esteem issues that inhibit your personal progress. 

Pyrite: A wonderful abundance stone, it encourages wealth, success & prosperity. Releases negative energy & fears that may be blocking success, while attracting positive energy. Helps to overcome feelings of inadequacy, stress & boosts self-worth. Allows you to manifest all form of success.

Tigers Eye: Ultimate stone of luck, prosperity, & good fortune. It has the power to enhance your wealth. Helps you to tap into your talents & stimulate success making ideas. Encourages leadership qualities, helps you overcome doubt & take action.