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Ink Moon

Yooperlite Divine Goddess Carving -UV Reactive

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Yooperlite Divine Goddess carving.

Yooperlite is UV reactive - grab yourself a UV torch to see this crystal come alive! The UV reactive sodalite in this piece glows a bright hot orange, like fire! 


Beautifully hand-carved Crystal Goddess is a symbol of the divine feminine which honours woman and woman contributions to motherhood and society. 
Crystal goddess relates to a woman being the divine mother and Mother Earth.
Crystal goddess is an essential crystal for all women as well as developing young girls and should be the centrepiece of your crystal collection helping empower women through all stages of their life.
The crystal goddess raises her arms above her head and joins her hands in the shape of a full moon drawing energy from the full moon. Spiritually a crystal goddess helps guide you towards happiness, health and wealth empowering your divine feminine energy.

Size approx: 7.5 x 2.5cm 

Yooperlite Healing Properties:


Yooperlite is a new crystal that was recently discovered in lake Superior near Michigan, USA in 2017. At first glance, it looks like a regular stone, but when you put in under UV light it glows like it was on fire! Yooperlite rocks are actually Syenite rocks that are rich in fluorescent Sodalite. It is the fluorescent sodalite that gives this crystal that incredible orange & yellow glow under a UV light. Yooperlite is a fantastic stone for opening your Throat Chakra & working with self-expression, creating your own voice, & discovering unique aspects about yourself. Yooperlite facilitates & encourages personal growth, creating a positive environment of light and hope, & helps you see the world with a new perspective.  When you meditate with Yooperlite it creates a space that encourages creative expression.