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Ink Moon

3 Skull Tower Carving

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$95.00 AUD
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$110.00 AUD
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$95.00 AUD

This 3 Skull Tower Carving is the perfect addition to any space.

Carved from obsidian, each skull represents "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" in an incredibly wise and protective way. Every detail is beautifully crafted and sure to impress.


Skulls represent courage, strength, and power, symbolizing the ability to overcome danger and defeat odds. They are linked to open-mindedness and receptiveness, as well as personal and warrior power. Additionally, skulls signify the cycles of life and the end of old cycles, while also inspiring us to live in the present moment and discover the meaning of life. Ultimately, skulls bring attention to the importance of loving and nurturing the physical body.

Size: 12 x 4 cm approx

PLEASE NOTE: This carving has a small chip on the bottom base of it (as shown in photos) and has been discounted accordingly. The chip is not very visible when the carving is standing. It is sold as is.